Basics of Photography by Muhammad Wasif aka Art by Wasif, online photography course in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail. Artbywasif is an Instagrammer & YouTuber while working professionally as a photographer.

Basics of Photography

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Faculty Name:

Muhammad Wasif aka artbywasif

Things you will learn in this course:

So you want to start learning about Photography? this is the best course to get you started.

The course is not dependent on DSLR or Mobile, it is basically the theory of photography which will help you in both phone and DSLR photography.

The course has three chapters. The first chapter covers the basic rules of photography which make a great photo. The second chapter takes a dive into the technicality of taking a picture, covering shutter speed, ISO, and other camera terminologies. The third chapter is a guide on how to get started in the photography field, which DSLR you should buy and other tips and tricks that can put you on a fast track of becoming a better photographer.

Since its a skill-based course so like any other skill, practice is very important to excel in this course. We prefer you to practice after every chapter before proceeding to the next chapter. Only practice will make you take the best out of this course.

Course Duration:

70 mins

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