Fundamentals of Drawing

Fundamentals of Drawing

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With so many art forms getting popular lately, drawing has been everyone’s passion at least once in a lifetime. Most of the younger folks always seem to have a sharp eye for detail, and they tend to express their ideas without any fear of judgment. Drawing has elevated numerous artists to great success despite being widely misunderstood as a topic only for children. Meanwhile, anyone can rediscover drawing skills thanks to this online course, regardless of age. However, this time with a lot more passion, technique and logic.

From the basics of how to hold your pencil to the secrets of light and shade, this online drawing course will take your skills from blank pages to beautifully finished drawings. The Fundamentals of Drawing will have your drawing better in no time if practised religiously.

This online course will go over all the basic guidelines, and you will surely need a lot of practice during this course to master drawing.

Course Outline

This online drawing course is designed with a practical approach. Ameer Ali has been a teacher of art for more than a decade now and has combined his skills into this fundamental drawing course. With teaching ranging from gripping a pencil to the value of shadow and highlights in a drawing, this course is a complete package of learning and education combined. Using basic drawing instruments, this course invites everyone to start learning with little to no investment.

Module 1: The Right Grip

Your teacher's introduction and a summary of the lessons that will be covered in this online drawing course will both be included in this module. There's also a discussion of some crucial drawing guidelines and recommendations. Your main takeaway from this module will be how to hold a pencil or any other kind of marker while drawing. The benefits of using the proper pencil grip will be covered in detail, as well as the drawbacks of using an inaccurate one.

Module 2: Drawing Principles & Techniques

By the time you reach the second minute of this module, you will be satisfied with your learning. With the bulk of techniques being addressed in the early minutes, you will be required to practice along with your mentor. Applying physical terminologies like pressure, friction and speed with drawing, it will be an easy display of high-caliber skills. Including values, highlights, shadows and drop shadows in your course learnings, you’ll understand how to define each of these once you practice them regularly. There will be conceptual learning interwoven in this module such as learning to use geometric shapes, elements of lines and shadow details with respect to draw unique subjects. 

Module 3: Drawing A Human Face

Starting off by using basic shapes to achieve minute details, Ameer Ali will share with you his approach towards creating perfect human faces. He will teach you how you can achieve the finest details using very simple grips. Eventually, following his lead, you’ll reach a point where your traces will be more sensible than before. Lastly, he will address the topic of shading your drawings.

Module 4: Basic Types of Perspectives

Once you’re done with learning to draw and its prerequisites, it'll be time for you to be introduced to perspective. Your mentor will comprehensively define perspective and its various kinds. However, the one-point perspective and the two-point perspective will be addressed in detail with your mentor practically elaborating on different terminologies involved.

Unlock New Skills

Eventually, you will be driven to earn following skills in this online drawing course.

Drawing basics
Line art fundamentals
Understanding of fundamentals drawing elements
Usage of shading values
Usage of shadows & highlights
Understanding of 1-point & 2-point perspective
Drawing with geometrical shapes



  • You should be excited to learn drawing, and ready to take action!
  • No fancy equipment is required, having a pencil and a clean sheet of white paper is enough.

Meet Your Mentor

One of the pioneers of wedding card illustration in Pakistan, Ameer Ali, is not a name unknown to the industry. Ameer has been drawing since he was in primary school and has taught himself the art of expression in a way that no one else has. He is an experienced artist who has studied human anatomy, digital painting, life design, and character design with sheer enthusiasm. Starting his career as a children’s book illustrator, he served many publications with his amazing work. He has also taught at several highly reputable universities in Karachi while taking workshops and training in many local institutes. Wowing people beyond borders, Ameer always finds himself inclined to impart his knowledge to the next generation.

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