Ameer Ali brings Introduction to Digital Painting with Ameer Ali online course with face to face online sessions. Meet him in Google Meet classes in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail.

Introduction to Digital Painting with Ameer Ali Batch (VI)

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Course Starting Date:
08th October 2022, Every Saturday till 8 Weeks

Online Course Timing:

12-2 pm Every Saturday


  • 8 weeks of One on One Live Video Sessions
  • 6 hours of Pre Recorded Video Sessions
  • 6 Weekly Assignments and Personal Critique
  • Software: Photoshop
  • Level: Beginner

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up your Work Station
  • Open and Size Documents
  • Learn how to use layer palettes and navigate canvas sizes
  • Learn to paint Digitally from a scanned drawing to a finished one
  • Learn how to add shadows and highlights to make illustrations more dynamic
  • Learn to draw from references and stylize characters
  • Learn to use colors to create a mood
  • Understanding of composition and different types of lighting

Who is this course for?
Anyone who is interested and passionate about drawing and painting digitally
Especially for those who want to start learning digital illustration

About the Instructor:
Ameer Ali is a Karachi based storyboard artist and illustrator, majorly renowned for his
distinctive and unique wedding invites. He started his career as a freelancer and has done various storybook illustrations for Publishers including 15 books with Oxford University Press. Today, he works for clients across the globe and teaches for his passion at Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture & Karachi University in order to help students build a successful future as entrepreneurs in Art and Illustration.

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