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What is illustration?

With the world progressing at a much faster pace than ever before, the definition of illustration has also shown some elasticity. Fundamentally, illustration is meant to be a contemporary form of communication through artificial images, or visual communication. Its main focus is to create or transfer information in an easily consumable way, regardless of the age of the consumer. Simply put, illustration is the process of creating information in the form of artificial images to be consumed by people of all ages. However, illustration may be supported by various techniques, including but not limited to drawings, paintings, photographs, etc.

What is the difference between drawing and illustration?

There is a fine line between the definitions of both. Basically, drawing is a form of art where an artist expresses his or her ideas to a wider audience. With regards to equipment or tools, drawing is done with the help of pencils, stencils, etc. On the other hand, illustration is defined as a subject of visual communication. It is mainly used to convey any particular meaning, information, or message in an appealing yet effective way. Most illustrations use drawings and paintings as supporting tools, along with text that helps leave a deeper impact on the viewer.

What are the types of illustrations?

Generally, the classification can be divided into two general categories: traditional illustration and digital illustration. Traditional illustration is created with the help of paints, watercolors, drawings, etc. This type of illustration was widely used in the 20th century, and in some countries, it is still chosen as a traditional method for local advertising. However, it is digital illustration that has taken the world by storm lately. Digital illustration uses digital software to create images that can be used on the internet as well as printed out in the form of banners, stickers, & even billboards. The main usage of illustration has been seen in the fields of product design, product packaging, magazines, children's illustration books, etc. Since digital marketing is at the core of every brand's marketing campaign, having great digital illustration pillars is a necessity nowadays.

Where can I learn digital illustration online?

You can find relevant online illustration courses in Urdu and Hindi on ITeachStuff. Its comprehensive learning platform offers the best illustration courses and live classes on various skills. Learn digital illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator & Procreate to become a seasoned illustrator or digital artist.

What digital illustration software is best to start with?

People who are interested in starting an illustration career are exposed to a few prominent options based on their choices or preferences. People using iPads prefer Procreate due to its access and vibrant features. Meanwhile, people who prefer using Windows use Adobe Illustrator to achieve the same results. Besides, there are also some other software available in the market, such as Corel Painter, Adobe Fresco, Affinity Photo, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Krita, etc.