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Character Design Basics

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One of the earliest artistic mediums used by humans is drawing. Since the Stone Ages, or more than 10,000 years ago, Homosapiens have used drawing to convey their feelings of love, sympathy, and opposition. However, this art is also becoming more modernized as a result of the excessive impact of technology in our life. Great artists became famous as a result of viral ideas they shared on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. In this online character drawing course, Ameer Ali teaches you to get started with the basic character drawing.


Due to its widespread application in entertainment, character design is an incredibly popular art form. Character design has a big influence on how any concept is carried out, whether it be in cartoon characters or the drawings in children's books. The characteristics that artists integrate into their characters have a profound impact on the audience. Ameer Ali will therefore concentrate on the fundamental components of character design in this course. Making a great character requires a lot more than mere passion. With the help of the knowledge in this course, learn how to put your ideas into action.

Course Outline

It is divided into 5 modules with new skill learnings at each module. You’ll progress to the next phase upon successful completion of each module. Each module is well defined below.

Module 1: Introduction to Character Design

This module will be an introductory session for you to understand your mentor better. He will share you the perfect definition of character design and help you understand its basics. Addressing the influence it beholds, Ameer Ali will discuss the usage of character design in various industries.

Module 2: Previewing a Character

Once you prepare yourself for drawing a character, you must outline a character brief for it. As a professional character designer, the things that are necessary to get a first hand knowledge of your character will be discussed. From traits to appearance, everything will be a part of this in-depth module.

Module 3: Drawing a Complete Character

Now you’ll get into practical training with your mentor. Following his techniques and tricks, you’ll be on your way to drawing your first character. This module will start by explaining to you the details of line art. Once understood clearly, you’ll learn to draw the face of your first character. Following that, the body of a character will come under practice.

Module 4: Defining the Body Language

Here comes the most interesting part of your mentor. Ameer Ali likes the part of adding expressions to his characters. In this module you’ll learn his approach. Some great techniques to explore character expressions will be discussed in this module. It will also incorporate the subject of gestures into a character.

Module 5: Finalizing Your Character

After adding shadows and lines to further smooth your character, it will be time to finalize your character. Your mentor will guide you through using highlights and shadows as per the necessity of any character. This will be the last stage for the character design basics course, so you’ll be equipped with the practice to draw your characters more smoothly.

Unlock New Skills

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● Character Design
● Basics of Line Art
● Character Sketching
● Illustration
● Drawing Background of Any Sketch
● Using Shadows
● Using Highlights

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this Character Design course, you may pursue a career in the following industries

● Character Design
● Children’s Book Illustration
● Illustration
● Animation & Motion Graphics
● NFT Art
● Drawing for Various Industries

About the Instructor

One of the pioneers of wedding card illustration in Pakistan, Ameer Ali, is not a name unknown to the industry. Ameer has been drawing since he was in primary school and has taught himself the art of expression in a way that no one else has. He is an experienced artist who has studied human anatomy, digital painting, life design, and character design with sheer enthusiasm. Starting his career as a children’s book illustrator, he served many publications with his amazing work. He has also taught at several highly reputable universities in Karachi while taking workshops and training in many local institutes. Wowing people beyond borders, Ameer always finds himself inclined to impart his knowledge to the next generation.

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