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What is photography and what are photography courses?

Photography is an art genre where real-life moments are captured forever through the lens of a digital machine called a camera. That definition is appropriate for a second grader or layperson. However, the actual definition of photography states that it is a process of capturing light using a digital sensor, as easy as that. Meanwhile the photography courses are the training roadmap of learning it in a step-by-step guide.

When was photography discovered, and who discovered it?

The history and signs of photography trace back to 2000 years ago, when Aristotle experienced something relevant. Later, it was the Chinese who proposed the concept of the camera obscura. In this process, a dark room was used to project the image with the help of the outside light entering the room. Besides, a Muslim scientist named Ibn Haitham proposed the idea that light travels in straight lines, which helped later scientists develop the form of camera that we see today.

What is digital photography?

Before the word "digital photography" popped out, it was all about film photography. However, in comparison, digital photography comes handy in terms of cost, utility, and ease of usage. Film cameras use a roll of light-sensitive film that reflects and captures the exposed scene upon release of the shutter. whereas digital photos don't require any kind of film and create images instead of physical films. With the passage of time, film photography has become obsolete. However, some niche photographers still continue to practice film photography due to reasons like better black-and-white clicks, instant tangible photographs, etc.

Where can I learn photography?

People used to associate with famous photographers long before the concept of photography schools became popular. Until the concept of LMS was introduced, the most common way to learn it was to enroll in a photography school. However, with the increase in online learning methods, a huge shift has been recorded, with people now preferring to learn through online courses. So today, there are two ways in practice: one is through physical training under experts’ supervision, and the other is through online courses where they learn through video lectures and practice skills through self-training.

Physical classes or online courses: which medium is good for me to learn photography?

There is no right or wrong way to learn photography. It’s just the preferred choice of each student. Lately, people have been choosing to learn through online photography  courses due to factors like being cheaper than their physical predecessors. Also, with online courses people tend to get access to teachers across the globe. Reasons like having the opportunity to learn from various cultures and being able to interact with people beyond their national boundaries also add-up to their decisions for choosing online photography courses instead of physical classes. However, physical learning has its own advantages, with benefits like instant correction by professionals and experts in the real-time, the opportunity to ask questions in order to clear any doubts, and a chance to network within their regional industry.

How do I start a career in photography?

Starting a career in photography is easy yet competitive. It’s easy because a camera has limited features, and if anyone grasps the basics of each one correctly, they can master it easily. However, since it is easy, anyone can get ahead of you by merely practicing it more. Hence, it is important for amateur photographers to continue practicing their skills and showcase their work online. If the basics are well understood, one can easily start working as a freelance photographer by attracting potential clients on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Which genre of photography should I choose?

A little debate has been going on for a while about whether photography is a form of art or not. For the sake of argument if we consider it to be one, then it is subjective to each individual. It is totally possible that you may like one form of photography and simultaneously hate the other. Hence, every aspiring photographer should start by exploring several genres and eventually finding his passion. Some of the famous yet easy-to-start genres of photography include wedding photography, event photography, product photography, food photography, landscape photography, street photography, pregnancy photography, couple photoshoots, nature photography, fashion photography, creative photography, photojournalism, etc.