Irfan Junejo photography training online course in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail. Learn how to take pictures like Irfan Junejo by Irfan Junejo.
Irfan Junejo photoclass, his first photography training online course in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Irfan Junejo photography training online course in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail. Learn how to take pictures like Irfan Junejo by Irfan Junejo.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Irfan Junejo photoclass, his first photography training online course in Urdu & Hindi ITeachStuff thumbnail.

How to Take Pictures like Irfan Junejo by Irfan Junejo

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In his online photography course, meet Irfan Junejo, one of the leading influencers in Pakistan. Starting his career as a vlogger in 2017, Irfan rose to the heights of fame in no time. Besides his immense storytelling techniques, he built a niche community of his own due to his unbelievable photography skills. Primarily using his Instagram handle as the main medium, he attracted people across the globe. Find the perfect combination of storytelling combined with camera techniques in this online photography course, How to Take Pictures Like Irfan Junejo.

Course Outline

This online photography course will teach you how to take amazing images, whether you use a smartphone, mirrorless, or DSLR camera. How to Take Pictures Like Irfan Junejo, is divided into 5 chapters. After the introduction, each chapter has termed a module designed to equip learners with the techniques that Irfan Junejo uses to maintain his Instagram stardom. Along the course, aspirants will learn the fundamentals of a camera and how to use it to capture attractive pictures. Majorly focused on the street photography genre, this online photography course also comes with Instagram growth tips by Irfan Junejo.


This module will be a complete overview of the course in brief. Irfan Junejo will share his insights about the approach he takes while designing his online photography course. Starting off by introducing himself, he will explain his theory of taking pictures, which he has learned over 10 years of practicing photography. This chapter will cover how he managed to acquire more than 500,000 Instagram followers in a short period of time.

Module 1 A: Photography Basics

● ISO, shutter speed, and aperture

This online photography course will begin by introducing the camera to beginners while concentrating mainly on the fundamentals of capturing pictures. This module will help you learn photography in a professional way where you’ll explore the basic features of a camera. To begin with photography and the dimensions that open up with it, you must have the knowledge shared in this module. The core features of a camera like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, sensor & sizes will be the most essential takeaways from this module. This module will also include the subject of camera lenses, a factor that distinguishes between a poor shot and an excellent picture. Irfan Junejo will define some important theoretical differentiations between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and various types of photography. This module will end with an assignment from your instructor.

Module 1 B: Composition Rules

● Understand the basic compositions and rules of photography

This module will mostly focus on photography composition guidelines, with Irfan Junejo explaining what he considers an excellent picture. Using the camera functions you previously learned in this course, learners will be encouraged to continue and improve their photography. This module will introduce you to the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio and how Irfan Junejo applies them in his photography. This will be one of the more interesting areas of this online photography course, including topics such as leading lines in a photograph, negative space, symmetry, foreground, and employing complementary colors.

Module 2: Picture Review & Breakdown

● The picture breakdown
● Have correct measurements and color
● Framed material

Applying all the picture composition rules to his previously captured photos, Irfan Junejo will review his photographs for you. Aspirants will analyze the approach of the genius photographer on the basis of the course learning. Encouraging you to capture photos according to the widely acclaimed picture composition rules, this module will be the driving force behind your progressive approach to this online photography course.

Module 3: Photowalk with Irfan

● Join Irfan for a walk around the neighborhood
● He'll show you how to bring more depth, emotion, and life into your photos
● By the time it's over you'll feel empowered to take pictures that tell their own stories

The most interesting part of this online photography course comes when you have a photowalk with Irfan Junejo himself. This part of the course gives you a chance to explore outdoor photography, or more specifically, street photography. On the very spot, Irfan will justify his approach and capture the most aesthetically pleasing pictures using all the composition rules you’ve studied in this course.

Module 4: Editing Tips & Instagram Growth Tips

● Instagram Basics - Learn everything about Instagram
● How to Organically Grow Your Audience 
● Learn the ins and outs of growing your audience organically on Instagram
● How to Edit Photos in Lightroom + My Workflow - Learn how I do it

Progressing from the Photowalk with Irfan, you will have your own raw shot photographs which you’ve taken throughout this online photography course. Aspirants impressed with Irfan Junejo’s photography will now be exposed to his editing approach. He'll suggest some top-rated picture editing software, and he’ll share the one he always uses. Along with some other picture editing tips, you’ll dive deep into the prerequisites of editing a good picture. Helping you channel yourself perfectly on the most popular picture-sharing platform, Irfan Junejo will also give you some tips to grow your Instagram profile organically.


Irfan Junejo will conclude your in-depth online photography course by giving some parting remarks. Furthermore, he will wish you well and bid you farewell while providing you with information on how to contact him personally.

Unlock New Skills

By the end of this online course, you will earn a social media shareable certificate for yourself and have the following skills:

  • Basic understanding of using a camera
  • Basic settings inside a camera
  • Using the exposure triangle like a pro
  • The difference between mirrorless & DSLR cameras
  • Grasp of a full-frame sensor vs. a crop frame sensor
  • Outdoor photography advise
  • Shot composition rules
  • The rule of thirds
  • The golden ratio in photography
  • Using balance & symmetry
  • Mastering smartphone photography
  • Understanding depth of field
  • Picture editing tips: a brief introduction of the software used by Irfan Junejo
  • Instagram growth for photography

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online photography course, the aspirants may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • All Genres of Photography
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Film & Television Direction
  • Media & News Broadcasting
  • Photography Teaching
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion
  • Visual Communications
  • Multimedia
  • Publications
  • Event Coverage
  • Media Production Agencies
  • Design & Arts
  • Photo Retouching/Restoration
  • Content Production
  • Freelancing

Requirements For This Online Course

● You should be excited to learn photography, and ready to take action!
● No fancy camera is required, having a camera (even a smartphone) will help you learn as we prompt you with practice activities.
● No prior knowledge of photography is required - this course is geared toward absolute beginners.

For whom this course is for:

● Anyone who wants to take better photos
● Absolute beginners who want to become skilled photographers
● Moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and anyone else who wants to document their lives in a beautiful way
● Amateur photographers wanting to improve their skills
● Photographers looking to make money with their skills

About the Instructor

Irfan Junejo is one of the most influential social media personalities in Pakistan. He started practicing photography in his early teenage years while taking pictures just for fun. Later in 2017, he started his own YouTube channel when his exceptional storytelling craft brought attention to his underrated talent for photography. Using Instagram as his primary medium, Irfan Junejo’s photography drove him to success in no time. Today, Irfan has already worked with multinational brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, YouTube & many more. Known in the region for his extraordinary knowledge regarding cameras and photography gear, this course is a thorough view of his approach toward modern-day photography.

A Note From Irfan Junejo

A little heads up The name of this course is 'How to take pictures like Irfan Junejo and I mostly do street photography. Though the rules are the same, if you’re looking for a course that SPECIFICALLY focuses on portrait, landscape, or macro, then this might not be the best choice. You can improve your photography in any genre using this course but most of the examples will be from street photography because that’s what I LOVE :)

Also, there is a WHOLE chapter covering mobile photography so DON'T WORRY if you don't have a camera! 

I'm Irfan and for the next FIVE HOURS, I'm going to teach you how to UP your photography game! 📸 🤙

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