Filmmaking Basics

Filmmaking Basics

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Course Outline

The Filmmaking Basics course is designed in 6 Modules. These modules will be covered over the course of 2 months.

Module 1: Understanding Light

In this, we will explore lighting and why it is needed?

Module 2: Camera

Here we will learn what key elements in cameras affect filmmaking.

Module 3: Composition

What do we need to keep in mind while composing a shot?

Module 4: Experimenting with Lights

In this module, we will elevate lighting and experiment with different techniques to set moods.

Module 5: Hands-on Experience

This will be a practice where we will put all our learning together in one place and shoot professionally which includes indoor and outdoor workshops.

Module 6: Diving into The Field

Here we will invite our professional and highly experienced guests who will share their tips and tricks.

*Every necessary equipment is available for students in our in-house studio. However, students are suggested to bring their cameras & smartphones.

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