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What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the practice of transmitting ideas, transferring information, and developing narratives to maximize the capabilities of any individual. Simply put, effective storytelling can motivate individuals, groups of people, and large communities who share the same values to take action. Storytelling has been around for a longer period of time. The products of effective storytelling are independent nations, progressive organizations, successful businesses, fructuous educational systems, etc.

What is digital storytelling?

Take the definition of storytelling (as defined above) as a whole; if any digital medium is required to channel it, then it will be referred to as "digital storytelling." With convenient access to the internet, digital storytelling has become the most flourishing kind of storytelling. As a matter of fact, today's storytelling refers to merely using words to communicate among your peers. In such cases, traditional storytelling places several constraints on information transfer. Meanwhile, the most important of these is its inaccessibility to the masses. However, the scope of digital storytelling is incomparable and uncountable.

Why is storytelling important?

For every entity on the planet, acquiring skills such as storytelling has become a necessity. Businesses are paying thousands of dollars to influencers who impact people’s decisions with their storytelling techniques. Besides businesses, social elements like politics, sports, entertainment, and architecture are also under the influence of storytelling. Traditional storytelling is finding it difficult to compete on a global stage in the modern era, when the duration of capturing attention is now down to a mere 5–10 seconds. Hence, organizations have been investing a lot to create a strong storyline strategy around their brands. This is where digital storytelling outperforms its traditional counterparts.

What are the advantages of good storytelling in education?

Education has always been a fusion of good storytelling and consistent practice. Teachers, obviously, with their diverse storytelling techniques, have been producing the intellectuals of the future by explaining concepts related to their expertise. Recently, entertainment-infused learning has also knocked on the door to revolutionize how education is perceived. The online learning concept and online education organizations have shown a great inclination towards gamifying their teaching processes. They use visual storytelling to constantly highlight the core topics and lessons. For example, a school’s digital mascot pops up every time a student tries to quit. As a result, this type of storytelling-infused learning not only generates excitement but also a sense of accomplishment at each interval. With this ecosystem, a student learns to keep track of his or her own achievements, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

What are the advantages of good storytelling in business?

Since the beginning of time, people have stressed the importance of storytelling in business. Even before marketing was a thing, people used to combine unique offers with their products. Such a fish seller would have added 250 grams extra on the purchase of 1 kilogram. This gesture would have established that fish seller as a fish seller who gives 250 grams extra over 1 kilogram of purchase. Lately, things have advanced, but the core of storytelling in business has remained the same. For a long time, top-tier companies have sought out the best storytelling methods and techniques. Today, most organizations infuse emotional storytelling into their brand ideologies to give their customers an elevated feel.

How many kinds of storytelling are there?

With the pace of advancement, one cannot only debate how many types of storytelling there are. However, to date, there are 4 types of storytelling widely accepted. These are:

• Oral Storytelling

• Visual Storytelling

• Written Storytelling

• Digital Storytelling

After learning storytelling, what industries can I join?

The list for this query is uncountable since every business today requires storytelling to get ahead of its competitors. Every business wants to attract new customers and bond in such a way that customers never think of choosing anyone else. Hence, some of the famous personas that will help you get the best storytelling resumes are shared below:

• Storyteller

• Influencer

• Scriptwriter

• Screenwriter

• Story writer

• Journalist

• Content creator

• Marketer

• Artist

• Animator

Where can I find online storytelling courses in Urdu or Hindi?

ITeachStuff provides online storytelling courses in Urdu and Hindi. It produces uniformly high-quality online courses where storytellers, influencers, artists, and content creators make them. They share their skills with aspiring individuals and help them clarify their concepts or develop new ones.