How to Take Pictures like Irfan Junejo by Irfan Junejo

How to Take Pictures like Irfan Junejo by Irfan Junejo

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Course Promo:

Hi, I'm Irfan, and for the next FIVE HOURS I'm going to teach you how to UP your photography game! 📸

If you're traveling abroad, going on a photo-walk within your city, want to start photography as a part of your business, or just want to explore, I HAVE CRAFED THIS COURSE FOR YOU!

How do you capture a place or a person's essence in a picture? How do you tell a story with a picture? How to take beautiful pictures with your mobile? How does one starting with editing aesthetically pleasing pictures? This and A LOT MORE! 

This course is FIVE HOURS LONG and is divided into four modules:

  1. Photography Basics and Composition Rules
  2. Picture Review and Breakdown
  3. Photowalk with Irfan
  4. Editing Tips and Instagram Growth

A little heads up: The name of this course is 'How to take pictures like Irfan Junejo' and I mostly do street photography. Though the rules are the same, but if you’re looking for a course that SPECIFICALLY focuses on portrait, landscape or macro, then this might not be the best choice. You can improve your photography in any genre using this course but most of the examples will be from street photography because that’s what I LOVE :)

Also, there is a WHOLE chapter covering mobile photography so DON'T WORRY if you don't have a camera! 


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