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Basic Mehndi

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Henna, or more popularly known as Mehndi, is a traditional form of art which is widely consumed across South Asian cultures. It is a necessary inclusion that women use during times of celebration and joy. This online course teaches you the art of expressing joy and happiness in the form of henna designs. The mehndi skills taught in this online course will help you become the most sought-after member of your family on occasions like weddings, religious celebrations, and national holidays. After taking this mehndi course, you may pursue mehndi design as a business just like your mentor.

Rather than being dependent on hiring henna artists, this online mehndi course encourages the artist within you. In this step-by-step online mehndi course, you can explore henna art closely and utilize it when celebrations gather you.

Course Outline

Learn to sketch wonderful mehndi designs with sheer perfection. This course will help you get started with the basics and enhance your talent every day. Answering to all the prerequisites and the topmost priorities that a henna artist should give attention to, your mentor will be encouraging you along the course to follow new exercises to achieve different objectives. Moreover, some inclusion of advanced mehndi designs will help you elevate your learning along with this basic mehndi course.

Module 1: Getting Started With Mehndi

This module will help you understand a brief history of mehndi and the influence it holds in South Asian culture. Your mentor will elaborate on the importance of patience while learning new skills in her course. By the end of this module, you’ll be educated on the prerequisite utilities to start mehndi.

Module 2: Practicing Line Art

As the name suggests, you’ll be practicing line art in this segment of the course. Line art is an important part of the core technique of drawing. Since mehndi art is hugely influenced by line art, it will be a key takeaway from this course. Meanwhile, various exercises will be shared with you to enhance your line art.

Module 3: Practicing Grids

In this module, a wide range of grids will be practiced to help you better understand the use of lines and the minute details of the art. Since mehndi, or henna art, is heavily dependent on the use of shapes, lines, and grids, these modules will help you forever, even beyond the henna design.

Module 4: Mehndi Cone Handling

The cone handling will be the very first step for you to get started with proper mehndi utensils. The handling of the henna cone affects the end results tremendously, so this module will ask you to pay careful attention to your mentor’s words and gestures. 

Module 5: Practicing Basic Mehndi Designs

Learners who already know how to handle a mehndi cone will be excited to learn more about this segment. Your mentor, Saamia, will be helping you to design very basic patterns used in traditional mehndi art. Some of these patterns are the most requested by henna fans. These basic designs will incorporate leaf making, flower making, and basic shapes.

Module 6: Practicing Advanced Mehndi Designs

Once you get used to the basic designs, you’ll progress towards learning some more complex designs. These designs are termed "advanced" due to the fact that they require extraordinary attention to detail. You’ll be guided by your mentor on how to get the minute details right and avoid mistakes. This module will cover subjects like fillings and mandalas.

Module 7: Final Mehndi Application on Hands

Applying all of your learning is the best way to evaluate your progress. And what better than your own mentor joining you on the journey of final application? Saamia Malik will apply mehndi on her hand while making sure that every tip and trick she has shared with you is included. While addressing the mistakes redeeming tips during mehndi, she’ll design a unique mehndi art.

Unlock New Skills

Once you complete this online mehndi course, you will be able to understand and apply following skills to your next mehndi art.

Drawing basics
Line art fundamentals
Proper handling of mehndi cone
A variety of mehndi patterns
Basic mehndi designs
Advanced mehndi designs
Application of mehndi on hands

Meet Your Mentor

Saamia Malik is a teacher by profession but a henna artist by passion. She self-taught henna herself by picking up the henna cone at the early age of just 12 years. Since 2017, she has been professionally serving her clients through this art. Saamia is also an entrepreneur and has been successfully running her mehndi business since then. She started her henna art journey with the objective of teaching it to the masses. She aspires to see a henna artist in every household to keep the spirit of festive occasions alive.

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