Fundamentals of Drawing

Fundamentals of Drawing

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Ameer Ali

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Things you will learn in this course:

From the basics of how to hold your pencil to the secrets of light and shade, this course will take your skills from blank pages to beautifully finished drawing. The Fundamentals of Drawing will have your drawing to be better in no time.

Drawing something isn't as complex as it seems, It's just practice and following basic guidelines to get you started.

This course will go over those guidelines and surely you will be needing a lot of practicing during this course to master drawing.

What you'll learn

This course consists of 60 min and is divided into eight different videos to give you a better understanding of the Fundamentals of Drawing:

  • Introduction

    • Introduction to fundamentals of drawing
    • Develop confidence and competency in drawing skills
    • Apply to art & design

  • Pencil Grip

    • The Grip is a writing aid designed to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping a pencil
    • By holding the thumb and fingers in the correct position, The Grip encourages a dynamic tripod grasp of the pencil
    • This results in reduced strain

  • OverHand Grip

    • Learn the awesome technique of overhand grip 
    • Learn to grip your pencil perfectly 
    • Get a friction-free, secure grip on your Drawing pencil

  • Let's Get Drawing

    • Let's learn to draw
    • Everything you needs to become an artist

  • Face Drawing

    • Get started with face drawing
    • Learn how to layer your drawings
    • It's always fun drawing faces when you're with friends or family

  • Face Drawing part 2

    • Learn to shade
    • Learn to give visual effect to your character
    • Learn to make a good shadow

  • One Point Perspective

    • Why learn One Point Perspective?
    • How is it useful?
    • Different ways to practice

  • Two Points Perspective

    • Step by step on how to draw a person in perspective
    • Learn the Rules of Drawing in 2 Points Perspective
    • Improve Your drawing skills and learn to draw anything you can imagine!


    • You should be excited to learn drawing, and ready to take action!
    • No fancy equipment is required, having a pencil and a clean sheet of white paper is enough.

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