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Introduction to Robotics

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Faculty Name:

Muhammad Luqman

Things you will learn in this course:

We will start with selecting components for our robot based on the projects we have
. The process is to understand theory , program the robot and analyze its behaviour
Projects are :

- Driving Robot
- Bluetooth Car
- Obstical Avoiding
- Precise Distance Traveling
- Robot Stragiht Driving

Hardware Pre reqs :
- 2-wheel drive robot kit ( acrylic body and yellow motors )
- ESP32 dev kit v1
- Encoders or speed sensors for relative 2 wheel drive robot kit
- Motor driver L298D ( red )
- Lipo 12V battery
- Jumper Wires male to female x 20
- Solder , soldering wire ,vero board
- Male pin Outs x 10
- Pcb Spacers x 4
- m3 screws x 10

all of these things are avaible from online website with home delivery.

Course Duration:

Over 250 Mins

No of Videos:


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