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Adobe Premiere Pro Advance

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Course Description - Adobe Premiere Pro Advance

Video editors who are already familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro's fundamental functions and tools will undoubtedly see the value here. They will discover how to increase their proficiency with Adobe Premiere Pro video editing. By utilising various tools and modifying settings, this course will address the areas that will help you shorten the time it takes to edit a single video. It extensively covers the advanced capabilities of the most popular video editing software, including expert configurations and keyboard shortcuts.

Course Outline

This advanced premiere pro course is divided into 7 modules. Hence, all of the modules will cover advanced learning; hence, beginners should start if they already possess basic knowledge of the software.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

This Aamir Bhagat will introduce the project file at the beginning of this course. Even before importing your data into the software, he will discuss the necessary preparations for file organisation. Video editors will find these suggestions useful and they won't get lost in Adobe Premiere Pro's UI. He will also take you on a tour of his setup while imparting some helpful advice on how to use a keyboard and a mouse for video editing effectively.

Module 2: Setting up Project & Intro to Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you are fully organized, this module will offer you step-by-step guidance on setting up the project. Expecting that most of the students are already professional video editors, the project setup will be discussed in brief. Meanwhile, the most significant takeaways from this module will be the topic of keyboard shortcuts. Your mentor, Aamir Bhagat, will share with you his approach to setting up keyboard shortcuts for himself. He has been teaching this technique until now because it helps video editors complete projects that took days in hours. You will then set up your first keyboard shortcut and start practising right away.

Module 3: Adjusting the Timeline

You will now import the clips into your project following the practise that you’ve already learnt. Once the project is setup, you’ll learn to sort out and organise your project in Adobe Premiere Pro. You will also learn how to precisely customise your timeline, which will help you stay organised throughout the video editing process.

Module 4: Advanced Audio Applications

A detailed overview of the project setting will be discussed in this module. Some advanced settings will be incorporated while some new keyboard shortcuts will continue to be added to your list. Along the way, advanced audio settings will be practised in depth. Using the course-provided project files, you will learn to optimise the audio of the project. At this point, a new Adobe software will be introduced in this course known as Adobe Audition. Your mentor will be using it to enhance the recorded audio. After syncing the audio with the video file, you’ll be capable of progressing smoothly with the rest of the video editing process. Your mentor will teach you how to record audio in Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, the advanced options of the toolbox in Adobe Premier Pro will also be brought into discussion to learn advanced editing techniques.

Module 5: Editing Projects Clips

New clips, provided with the course, will be used to learn the core elements of advanced learning. Same practices will be involved, however; subject of slow motion will be discussed in brief. In this module, you will choose your favourite parts as a video part from the project file and continue with the project.

Module 6: Color Correction

Color correction is one of the most crucial parts of the video editing process. Mastering this advanced video editing technique can help you achieve a better result. In this module, your mentor will explain the use and the elements involved in colour correction in detail. Subjects like white balance, shades & tints, cool and warm light, and much more will be brought into practice. Using the tool of the colour wheel, you will go through the process of colour matching along with your mentor.

Module 7: Advance Features of Premiere Pro

This module will be the most fascinating one for many people. Aamir Bhagat will explain a lot of the advanced features of Adobe Premiere Pro to you. Bringing subjects like tracking, chroma cutting, proxies, and adding motion graphics into Adobe Premiere Pro will instantly help you produce aesthetically pleasing videos. Meanwhile, a lot of advanced editing techniques like multicamera editing and masking will be discussed in detail.

Unlock New Skills

Pursuing this online video editing course will help have a good grasp of following skills. 

  • Advanced Settings of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Setting Up Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Chroma Cutting & Masking
  • Multicamera Editing
  • Using Motion Graphics & Tracking
  • Applying Proxies
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • Advance Tool Box
  • Audio Recording in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Advance Audio Settings

Meet Your Mentor

Working in the Pakistani advertisement industry for the past 15 years, Aamir Bhagat is one of the most renowned video editors in the country. Possessing a bachelor’s degree in graphics design, Aamir was always intrigued by concepts like creating animations and motion graphics. Using software like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro for years, he became a maestro in his field. Despite having minimal experience in the field, he was asked to lead workshops and training sessions at significant corporations. He soon realised that teaching was his next great interest, so he founded an Ed-Tech company. Aamir also runs a production company where he provides customers with advertising solutions such as DVC production and product photography.

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