Ultimate Wedding Illustration Course for illustrators to learn designing illustrated wedding cards in Hindi & Urdu.

Ultimate Wedding Card Illustration

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Course Promo

The illustration of wedding cards has gained widespread prominence in the media, making it one of the highest-paying professions of this decade. With famous people employing this form of art for their personal branding, this skill ensures enormous attention. Use the knowledge that Ameer Ali brings to this course to produce beautiful wedding card illustrations. Throughout his career, he has had tremendous success as an illustrator of wedding cards. He reveals to you the abilities that have been most beneficial to him. Discover his expertise and method for illustrating mind-blowing invitation cards using basic knowledge of typography and drawing.

Course Outline

This online wedding illustration course is divided into 6 modules, with each possessing completely different qualities than the other. Starting from the approach of drawing charming characters to colouring the final illustration, this ultimate wedding illustration course is the perfect choice to include some new stuff in your portfolio. Enroll today to learn skills that are helpful for your career growth and unlock new ways to earn some real passive income.

Module 1: Introduction to the Wedding Card Illustration

To begin with the course learning, Ameer Ali starts by introducing himself in detail. For the first time, he explains how he rose to fame overnight with a skill that was not very familiar in the region. Working across the border for a while, he became the pioneer of wedding card illustration when he was endorsed by some of the most famous celebrities. While explaining his approach towards drawing and illustrating unique wedding cards every time, he reveals his ideology behind it.

Module 2: Pricing Yourself for Clients

In this module, the wonderful artist tells the aspirants how he charges for his services. One of the most important aspects of starting any business is pricing. However, how an artist should charge for his work has been a matter of debate on several grounds. He explains his own charging criteria that will help many aspirants to reach and set a justified price for their services.

Module 3: Service Ethics for Professionals Illustrators

Following completion of the client submission, there are a number of guidelines that should be followed to ensure a lasting connection. Based on his experience of more than 7 years working as a freelancer, Ameer has identified a number of behaviors that constitute the basis of every business model. Along the way, he offers you suggestions on how to maintain your professional contentment. The ethical perspective of successfully operating any business is covered in this module.

Module 4: Drawing Your Inspiration For Illustration

This module will show you how to get started with basic drawings. Because drawing is the most important aspect of every artwork, it will be covered in depth. Discussing two different schools of drawing, illustrator Ameer Ali will address how he used their ideas to find his own charm. Using the same approach, you will be assisted in developing your own work style. Your mentor will also tell you how to find inspiration to do wonderful things with reference to some popular illustrators. The information needed to create your first sketch, including your characters and a background, will be covered in this module.

Module 5: Inking & Colouring

The inking process is the most exciting and important aspect of digital illustration. It's time to set your lines apart from the rest of the canvas once you've finished your first sketch. With the use of several brush types, you will learn how to use line art effectively. To generate a strong impression on viewers, the method of contrasting dark and light inks will also be used.

The phase of colouring will be introduced following the conclusion of your inking process. Most often, aspiring artists become overwhelmed during the colouring process. The subject of avoiding using extravagant and needless elements will be covered. To keep things simple and efficient, basic colouring techniques such as the use of negative and positive spaces will be explained. The ideal application of shadows and colour-based details will be revised to help achieve a more lifelike impression.

Unlock New Skills

Discover your true passion for wedding card illustration using contemporary techniques taught by Ameer Ali. This online wedding illustration course will help you unlock following skills:

  1. Basic character illustration
  2. Wedding card illustration
  3. Invitation card illustration
  4. Using line art properly
  5. Using colours for shadows & details
  6. Using layers while illustration
  7. Client dealing ethics as a freelancer
  8. Pricing your illustration services

Requirements For This Online Course

  • ​Basic Understanding of Human Anatomy
  • Access to Procreate
  • Access to Adobe Photoshop
  • Prior Experience of Using Procreate

Meet Your Mentor

One of the pioneers of wedding card illustration in Pakistan, Ameer Ali will be your mentor for this online wedding card illustration course. He is a name known for his exceptional skills in the field of digital painting and drawing in Pakistan. Ameer has been drawing since he was in primary school and has taught himself the art of expression in a way that no one else has. He is an experienced artist who has studied human anatomy, digital painting, life design, and character design with sheer enthusiasm. Starting his career as a children’s book illustrator, he served many publications with his amazing work. He has also taught at several highly reputable universities in Karachi while taking workshops and training in many local institutes. Wowing people beyond borders, Ameer always finds himself inclined to impart his knowledge to the next generation.

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